Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Did You Know that The Power of Sprouts gives Health and Vitality to your life?

What happens during the sprouting process...
First, all vital substances reside in the seeds. By supplying water, oxygen and light, those vital substances are transported into the germ to provide energy to the growing plant.

At this time the nutrients are accumulated in a complex, stable and therefore long-lasting form.

During the sprouting process the complex nutrients are transformed into easily accessible nutrients. Mineral substances are released from their chemical bond of bioavalability of the minerals improves dramatically.

Carbohydrates are rebuilt during the sprouting process. This is why sprouts are more digestible than seed, pulses, or grains.

Protein quality increases tremendously because the proteins are broken down into amino acids. Thus essential amino acids, which have a vital importance for the human body, are increased.

Additionally, as complex nutrients are transformed into ready-to-use components, vitamins, hormones and enzymes quantity and quality are enhanced, while growth inhibitory substances, such as phytic-acid, are reduced.

In all, sprouts are a holistic natural product, containing a high number of biologically active substances including proteins, peptides, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, polyphenols, phytohormones and many other secondary plant substances which are associated with promoting health and vitality.