Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Young Living and Healthy Way Press Release

Since 2005, The Healthy Way has been committed to serving the local community providing top quality products from personal care, supplements, food and more. Fall of 2014 we proudly introduced Young Living products, including essential oils, to The Healthy Way. These products, along with the team we directly work with through the Young Living distributor program, marries to our integrity and quality of merchandise and honor. We always support our customers and value that mutual respect built on trust and honesty. 

Recently, we encountered a return of 15ml Thieves oil with the implication it was opened and altered. Neither The Healthy Way nor Young Living would ever dilute or alter a product. Our steadfast customers can attest to our truth. We carefully control what oils are for sampling and what are for selling. Customers always see the bottles and product before purchasing and can see the sealed cap validating quality and purity. Therefore, all sales of Young Living products are final going forward, because we cannot guarantee the seed to seal promise once the oils leave the store. We have already gained an abundance of customer testimonials on Young Living product they have purchased through us, with great enthusiasm. The Healthy Way has many exciting events planned ahead, in partnership with Young Living leaders, sharing knowledge and understanding on the merchandise.

For those who sign up with The Healthy Way, as your preferred distributor joining the wholesale discount program, you'll have access to a community tied directly to the founder Gary Young. Our team includes Directory of Operations for the Young Living Peace Caravan, Susan Johnson as well as Casey Conrad, recently back from Ecuador's Young Living leadership trip and is internationally recognized as a health expert, author and speaker writing specific books, including essential oils. Our combined knowledge, offerings, workshops and exclusive support brings us to the forefront of Young Living's distribution teams. 

For those supporting The Healthy Way, stay tuned for some exciting workshops and Young Living merchandise education. We are proud of the high quality of our products and high standard we live by here at The Healthy Way.