Monday, August 26, 2013


ChagaMax is the most potent chaga capsule formula available. It is the only wild chaga capsule formula fortified with wild birch bark and oregano. Other chaga formulas are made with artificially-produced chaga grown in vats. The difference is beyond comprehension. Real chaga, the type used inChagaMax, grows wild on birch trees. The fake kind, the type used in most imitation chaga capsules, is grown indoors from live chaga mycelia. The growth medium is starch, which may be genetically engineered. According to an Asian biomedicine study by Koyama, the sterol content of the fake kind is 1000% lower than the wild kind. Thus, never accept cheap chaga capsules made from such fabricated sources.

With ChagaMax, all the raw materials are from remote sources and are completely wild. There could be no purer or more powerful supplement known. In fact, it is so powerful that for many people only one
capsule daily is necessary. Wild chaga is a dense source of a wide range of nutrients, including B vitamins, minerals, sterols, and enzymes. Regarding the enzymes chaga is exceedingly high in SOD (superoxide dismutase); in fact, it is the highest source of this substance known. Regarding sterols, it is also exceedingly dense. So is birch bark and wild oregano. These sterols are hormone-like, and they help the body make its own hormones. The body needs all the hormone support it can get. In this regard ChagaMax is essential.

 There are also the glucans, which boost the immune system or, in fact, normalize it. Plus, there are the wild oregano flavonoids, such as quercitin, which also help regulate immunity.

Additionally, wild oregano is a dense source of phenolic compounds, like carvacrol, which are natural antiseptics. Wild oregano, birch bark, and chaga are all top sources of natural minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, copper, and magnesium, all of which are needed for healthy tissues.

Now is the time to get the most potent natural complex known, containing the King of All Herbs—wild chaga, and the Delight/Joy of the Mountains—wild, raw oregano. Get the joy of ideal health throughthe powers of wild nature. Get only the original wild, raw chaga capsules plus wild birch bark and oregano, ChagaMax, and experience the real power of wild nature.

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