Wednesday, April 25, 2012


*New Product Line at the Healthy Way*

This unique formula is the ultimate synergistic blend of natural spice oils. OregaBiotic takes it a step further with a proprietary slow-release technology Taking a step back from modern technology, which uses plastics to achieve enteric coating, we look to the beehive to provide a natural slow-release product. Using the powerful multiple spice oil extracts of oregano, cumin, sage and bay leaf combined with natural beeswax and black seed oil creates the most advanced supplement on the market. These oils are harvested from remote mountain regions in the Mediterranean. This formula contains only wild-crafted, pesticide- and herbicide-free spices from completely non-GMO sources. No chemicals or solvents are ever used in the extraction process, giving you the purest, most unadulterated ingredients on the planet.

The question is, what are the differences between OregaBiotic and the Oreganol P73? Oregabiotic is the gradual release form of spice oils made with multiple wild spice extracts, including the Oreganol P73. The combination of oils in the formula brings added benefit and synergy to the individual, more than with Oreganol P73 alone. The powerful antioxidants contained in these spices are another beneficial attribute of this spice blend, far greater than vitamins C and E combined. Cumin and sage, for instance, are powerful antioxidants when it comes to food spoilage, extending the shelf life of food tremendously—much longer than with synthetic preservatives. Black seed oil is rich in a wide range of fatty acids, particularly the all-important essential fatty acid linolenic acid, and is exceptionally high in phytosterols. Bay leaf, which completes the formula, is extremely high in terpenes and tannic acids, making this one of North American Herb & Spice's most powerful and unique supplements.

Gentle on the system for virtually all individuals, this is the perfect daily capsule because its slow release is achieved through a natural process. For those who don't like the spicy taste of Oreganol P73 oil, this is a great alternative. Produced with a vegetable capsule made from pine trees, this is approved for vegetarians. If necessary, OregaBiotic may be taken in large doses. When taking large doses, it is wise to consume HealthBac, a plant-based probiotic from North American Herb & Spice, between doses.

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