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Organically grown sacha inchi oil—A top source of digestible omega-3 fatty acids

Sacha inchi, the so-called "Inca nut," is produced from the seeds of an Amazon plant found naturally in Peru. These seeds contain a highly nutritious oil, which is a top source of omega-3 fatty acids as well as omega-6s, amino acids, antioxidants, and omega-9s. It is a true whole food oil, the ideal fish oil alternative for vegans/vegetarians.

Compared to all other vegetable omega-3 oils, sacha inchi oil is superior. It contains a far wider variety of nutri-ents than flax, black currant, and primrose oils. PureOmega contains only oil from organically raised seeds. There are no chemical residues of any type in this oil. The organic certification is obtained through IMO Control under NOP and EU standards.

This is a jungle plant that grows about 1500 feet above sea level and thrives only in the most remote and wild regions. Only highly fertile, unaltered soil sustains it.
There are very few vegetable or seed-based oils that are top sources of omega-3s in the form of the rare fatty acid alpha linolenic acid. Only flaxseed oil and sacha inchi oil are top sources. Sacha inchi oil (PureOmega) has the advantage of being truly remote-source, plus it is far denser in nutrients such as B vitamins, amino acids, and trace minerals than flaxseed oil. They each contain nearly the same amount of omega-3s. However, sacha inchi is superior because:

• it is highly digestible, far more so than flaxseed oil.
• it contains high amounts of protective antioxidants which are lacking in flaxseed oil, such as beta carotene and vitamin E.
• it contains large amounts of essential amino acids which are lacking in flaxseed oil. • it is higher in B vitamins than flaxseed oil. • it is lower in toxic substances known as goitrogens than flaxseed oil.
• it does not contain the toxic substance found in
flaxseed oil known as linamarin, which blocks the utilization of vitamin B-6 and therefore may cause skin inflammation.

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