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Raw, wild black raspberry extract cold-pressed, enzymes and nutrients intact.

Rubinol is the rarest of all nutritional supplements. There is no other supplement like this available, anywhere. That is because no other company takes the time and care that North American Herb & Spice does. Our own company workers (even our president) go out every year to hand pick these wild berries in remote-northern forests. There is a small window of only a few weeks to get out and harvest these natural gifts. During these few weeks, the berries are fresh and available, and that is when we must go find them and harvest them. After that, any berries left over simply dry up and go back to the earth. Even with picking for about two weeks straight, wild black raspberries are so rare that Rubinol is always a limited supply.

Wild substances, while rare, are ideal for nutritional supplements. This is because wild plants have to fight for their spot in nature. The fighting that wild plants do is actually the creation of beneficial nutrients, or phytochemicals, which protect the plant from disease and infestation. When a plant has mineral rich soils and there is no human protecting these plants, the plants work harder to protect themselves, creating higher amounts of protective agents which are phytochemicals. These same phytochemicals, or nutrients, that protect the plants are also the same ones that provide healthy benefit to humans when consumed. Rubinol is made using exclusively remote-source wild black raspberries, giving you the most potent raspberry extract available.

After harvesting, the berries are immediately cold-pressed to ensure all nutrients and enzymes are intact. Much of the protective powers offered by these berries are lost when they are treated with heat, which is why we only use cold-pressing. After cold-pressing the extract is preserved raw through a proprietary process that retains photonic energy. No synthetic chemicals are ever used. Extracts using alcohol, solvents, or other synthetics are inferior because such chemicals destroy photonic energy, denaturing the substance. All natural substances have this sun-given photonic energy, and this is essential when using such products for better health.

With an ORAC score of 10,000 units per bottle, Rubinol contains a dense amount of wild-source antioxidant pigments, notably the rutin flavonoid pigments known as cyanidin-3-0-rutinosid.e and cyanidin-3-0-glucoside. Rutin is well known for its powers in supporting circulatory health, especially in strengthening the blood vessels. Rubinol also contains carotenoid pigments, including lutein and zeaxanthin. All such pigments have major protective actions on the body. Try Rubinol today to feel the real power and protective actions of raw, wild black raspberries.

How to use: For maintenance, take 20 or more drops under the tongue daily. For advanced use, take 50 or more drops under the tongue 3 or more times per day. Rubinol is also available in a powerful and rare skin cream.

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