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Wild chaga extract with wild birch tree syrup & wild blackberry extract .

Chaganol is the simple, tasty way to obtain the health and strength you need—every day—through the powers of wild chaga. This is wild, far northern chaga, which is concentrated through a special natural proce-dure to increase the density of its key active ingredients, superoxide dismutase (SOD), beta glucan, phenolic compounds, specialized sterols, melanin, and wild-source B vitamins. All of these chaga substances are extremely biologically active and rich in oxygen, which is critical for the health of cells. 
Chaganol is the perfect drink for optimal energy, even the energy you need for exercise. Just drink one or two ounces daily and feel the difference. While an ounce or two is sufficient, drink as much as desired. Chaga is a wild growth found on birch trees. This growth, a polypore fungus, concentrates all the powers of the wild birch sap and tar, plus the medicinal power of birch bark. 

Wild chaga has been consumed by people for over 5,000 years. It has always been known for its strength-producing properties and is especially known for its capacities in athletic strength. Chaga was one of the state secrets in the former Soviet Union, accounting for the vast strength of Russian athletes. The world record holder in the squat, Fred Hatfield, set his record squat of over 1,000 pounds while using this complex. Yet, once he broke the record the Russians became upset and quit supplying him. Now this power is available for regular use. 

Chaga is also known for its powers of prevention as well as longevity. People who consume it regularly live a long and vigorous life, versus those who don't. For instance, the chaga consumers of Siberia live up to 100 years, while the Inuit, who don't consume it, live an average of only 50 years. 

Chaganol Strength Drink gives you immense power that you will eperience right away. Only two ounces per day are needed. Drink it based upon your needs and activity. You will want to drink it all—it makes you feel good, plus it tastes great. 

Directions: Drink straight out of the bottle or diluted 50% with water. Drink it hot or cold, adding organic milk or cream, as desired. 

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