Saturday, July 17, 2010


The Healthy Way carries a wide variety of Supplements, Health Foods, and personal Body Care Products. From our Supplement and Vitamin section we offer products from various companies such as Garden of Life, New Chapter, Renew Life, Solgar, Natures Plus, Kyolic, Natrol and more. We currently carry products for men, womwn and children. From our Grocery section, we offer various dairy items, including Arruda's Green Pastures award winning milk from Tiverton, frozen breads and organic veggies and fruit, flash frozen salmon, and healthy snacks for children and adults. We also carry various flours, oats, brans, meals, many gluten free items, and a whole wall of herbal teas. In our Body Care section, we carry a full line of products, including Ecco Bella makeup, Aubrey, Badger Balm, homeopathic remedies, aromatherapy supplies and many herbs. Obviously, it's impossible to list the hundreds of items in our store, so feel free to call about the products you're interested in.

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