Saturday, July 10, 2010

Debunking Detox Myths

Debunking Detox Myths

Fact: The liver is the body’s primary detoxification organ and a major channel of elimination. A typical four-pound liver manufactures 13,000 different chemicals, maintains 2,000 enzyme systems, filters 100 gallons of blood daily and produces one quart of bile daily— and this is just one of the body’s seven channels of elimination.

Fact: Approximately 80 per- cent of the body’s natural immune defenses (i.e., the immune system) are located in the digestive tract, so maintaining an ideal balance of good/neutral to harmful bacteria there is the key to achieving and preserving optimal digestion, and therefore optimal health—since our health depends largely on our ability to effectively break down the
foods we eat, absorb valuable nutrients from those foods and eliminate waste efficiently.

Fact: It is not recommended for a nutritional newcomer to begin with a detoxification pro- gram. Someone just beginning to support their bodies nutritionally can become alienated because the process of detoxification can sometimes cause temporary physical discomfort as toxins are being removed and the organ systems are adjusting and re-balancing themselves. Headaches, fatigue, constipation, joint pain, muscle aches or cravings for sugar or starches can be common during the detoxification process. It is not unusual for old injuries or inflammations to show themselves.

Fiction: Claims like “removing toxins cures cancer” and others like it are obviously false, but unfortunately they are responsible for a lot of the bad press surrounding herbal cleansing and detox. Using an herbal detox program won’t cure cancer, but cleansing will help reduce the amount of stored toxins in the body and help restore regularity, thereby taking the burden off many of the body’s vital organs and helping to promote a solid foundation of health. Science has really only revealed the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of natural detox, and new studies are emerging daily that confirm its positive effects on the human body.

Fiction: The idea of using natural diuretics and/or laxatives to detoxify. When only elimination is stimulated, the body might actually become depleted of vital nutrients, and more harm than good will be done. It’s important to engage in a complete nutritional plan that includes a food guide for the most optimal support and effective cleansing. Damage can be done if the consumer is using a product that does
not balance the metabolism and support the body nutritionally while supporting the natural detoxification mechanism.

Fiction: Detox can cause rapid or significant weight loss. Again, it’s important to remember that natural detox is no magic bullet, especially when it comes to weight loss. Many companies will make false claims about the “amazing” weight loss power of their detox products, or worse—use ingredients that can be harmful or even fatal to consumers. One of the biggest trends recently has become “diet cleansing,” but unfortunately most companies have neither the knowledge nor the resources to research, develop and manufacture a safe and effective product. The best advice to give consumers is: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So it is best to do your research, read labels and product literature, and select a reputable company with a history of providing safe, high-quality products made with only proven natural ingredients.

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