Thursday, July 8, 2010

Product Spotlight


Olive Leaf Complex
is an herbal extract made directly from fresh-picked olive leaves. According to Julian Archer, olive tree grower for the company, it is a very powerful antioxidant - 400 percent more powerful than vitamin C. "In a recent university study, it was found to have the highest antioxidant value (ORAC) of 55 antioxidant herbs studied. It has also been shown to have a Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC) up to 28 times more powerful than some of the antioxidant 'super juices' such as acai, noni, mangosteen and gogi, and is 500 percent more potent than the best of them," he said.

"The unique advantage of barlean's Olive Leaf complex versus other olive leaf products is that it is a liquid which is immediately fresh pressed to capture full-spectrum nutritional potency," added Andreas Koch, Barlean's marketing director."It's derived directly from the olive leaf. Full spectrum means that its unprocessed an unrefined and thus still possessing its inherent range of nutrients. There's no storage, no drying or damage to the leaves - just as nature intended"

Allera Health Products

Immune Extra
is a vegetarian capsule that contains Proligna brand pinecone extract," said Tufaro, "Pinecone extract, developed originally in Japan and the subject of over 35 research publications, is protected by 12 patients and uniquely has the ability to help 'balance' the immune system, which normally becomes unbalanced as we age. In particular, scientists recently discovered that pinecone extract can reduce the presence of an antibody called IgE circulating in the body of mice and man. IgE is the allergy trigger in over 60 million people and the ability to reduce IgE may prove to be an important component of the effectiveness of pinecone extract."

Gaia Herbs

Throat Shield
is available in a lozenge and a throat spray. "The body's first encounter with immune triggers often occurs on the throat mucous layer. The throat can also become irritated and inflamed when exposed to common, everyday irritants such as dry air, allergens and germs," explained Keri Marshall, MS, ND, medical director with Gaia Herbs. "When the throat is irritated, mucilaginous herbs such as those found in the proprietary blend in Throat Shield, help to restore a normal protective lining in the membrane of the throat by providing hydration and immune support."

Quick Defense
was created based on a five-year Gaia Herbs study of echinacea, that was made possible with a 2.2 million dollar federally funded researched grant from NIH/NCCAM, that found that E. angustifolia and E. purpurea contained alkylamide fractions, specifically isobutylamides that have anti-inflammatory and immunne ssupportive properties. "When the immune system is initially challenged, the muccous membranes undergo an inflammatory reaction, which in tern results in mucous production. When this product , which is rich in isobutylamides, is taken in high frequency at the first sign of symptoms, the inflammatory and immune pathways in the body are effectively managed."

Garden of Life

Vitamin Code

Oftentimes, the best ideas are defined by what the aren't. In the case of the Vitamin Code multivitamins, this couldn't be truer. Vitamin Code multi vitamins aren't cooked, treated or adulterated. They contain no binders or fillers and they are gluten-and dairy-free with no soy allergens. Simply put they are raw. They also contain a lot of what you do want: bioactive probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants and other "Code Factors" that are missing from the majority of multivitamins today. Vitamin Code goes beyond organic.

Dr. Bronner's

Magic "All-One"


healthier by nature

Feminine hygiene products contain a very long list of environmentally damaging materials including plastics and super absorbing chemicals manufactured from crude oil, surfactants, lubricants and chemical fragrances, however Natracare is very different - free from plastics, chlorine, synthetics, latex, fragrances, and all other undesirables. Only pure organic cotton next to the skin!

Beyond Gourmet

Currently, Beyond Gourmet coffee filters, parchemnt paper and baking cups are the only products of their kind to bear the "GREEN SEAL" OF APPROVAL based on the fact that they are the least harmful to the enviroment because no bleach is used to make their products.

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