Friday, March 8, 2013

10 Eco-Friendly Tips

Here are some easy ways to "green" up your kitchen.

  1. Cut foods into smaller pieces; they'll cook faster and require less energy.
  2. Use your toaster oven to cook single-serving or small portions of food; they use a fraction of the energy of a full-sized oven.
  3. Thaw frozen foods before cooking, to shorten cooking time and save energy.
  4. Keep pans covered with a lid during cooking, to retain heat and shorten cooking time.
  5. Don't use the garbage disposal; it requires large amounts of water and energy to get remaining solids from the wastewater plant to the landfill. Invest in a small home composter instead.
  6. Use the electric kettle for more than tea; it boils water faster than stovetop, and you can also use it to boil water for pasta and other foods.
  7. Use a pressure cooker for grains and beans to speed cooking time and reduce energy use by as much as 75 percent.
  8. During baking or roasting, turn the oven off during the last few minutes of cooking; the residual heat will finish the dish.
  9. Don't preheat the oven for foods with long—more than 40 minutes—cooking times.
  10. Glass and ceramic dishes conduct heat more efficiently than metal, so you can lower cooking temperature by 20—25 degrees.

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